East Africa for Beginners

Why use a Destination Management Safari Company vs Booking by Yourself Online...

With the myriad of available generic booking sites, the plethora of “ghost shopper” reviews -  all five star rated, with substandard pictures of sunsets, the kaleidoscope of selfies and food dishes and yet never wide angle images that capture the essence of the views of the camp nor safari lodge…not to mention the absence of pictures with the candle lit, rose watered infused bath.

I have encountered this specific stereotypical and unfortunately uniformed traveler far too often as a Pan-African specialist guide & Destination Safari Management Company owner. Having rescued many travelers over the past years, who’s travel plans have gone, less than perfect due to diabolical logistics or misinformation from booking websites et al… I have ended up entertaining these poor unfortunate travelers at lodges whilst we fix their itineraries and logistics. Regaling them with true stories of tracking the Big Cats of the Eastern Serengeti, our signature locations with wrap around views and alfresco dinners under the African Skies at Namiri Plains a true flagship for all things safari and style. The gastronomy and gourmet touches when you return from a hard day's safari adventure in search of the secret new denning location amongst the fabled Barafu Rocks or Zebra Koppies…

" This is our bucket-list for the traveler seeking to experience, rather than tick off locations in their diaries. "

Stereotypes, travel styles and persona’s exist for a reason in the tourism industry and online booking realm of commissions and zero guarantee because, its unfortunately the massmart of safari holidays and group tours and incentivized travel.

The word safari in the Swahili language means “to journey”. We prefer the off seasons to  experience the Unforgettable Tanzanian wildlife and landscapes, Magical Kenya’s migrations and my Masai family, combined with the intrigue and romance of the true Swahili Coast. The hidden treasures of days gone by unfold in the narrow spice filled corridors and streets of the Old Stone Town.

If only,  you know where to look and are willing to be guided professionally by those in the know. Our tribe of destination experts were all born on the magnificently vibrant and complex continent of Africa. Having carved out their niche as travel advisors, confidants and story-tellers around the dying embers of the fires in over thirty five of the camps and lodges, we have personally visited and vetted for your experience of our signature journeys.

Our preferred routes traversing the Pearl of Africa in search of the rare Shoebill, seeking out the waterways of the Selous culminating with the freshest seafood and historical sites of the Mnembe atoll or perhaps the romantic seclusion of the Island known to the inner circle as Mafia Island.

How do you choose the following from an online review, between the short rainy season or the long rainy season of the Masai Mara? I hazard an educated guess that you might be struggling to predict and forecast the correct month for the crossing of 1.7 million wildebeest, in the crocodile infested Grumeti River. A entirely different experience to the cyclical annual migration…

The insiders guide to the calving of the migrating herds after the arduous journey southward to the plains of the savannah rich Ndutu region. A common oversight is that, in mid February, you partake in the miracle of - at my last count- earlier this year of  40 live births in four hours, during the Gnu’s calving season.

The agony, the angst and the rawness of natures’ theater is superseded only by witnessing the first attempted suckling as the calf acquaints herself with her Mothers’ scent and sound. This incredible window into the survival as the baby gnu’s need to race the clock to stand within 12-15 minutes after being born, on spindly matchstick-esque wobbly legs.

This is vital to ensure survival from the large number of predators who are keenly acquainted  to the rich warm smell of the afterbirth on the Serengeti Plains.  This is a difficult spectrum to understand in our human psyche.. 

Always know that in Africa, as I explain to my guests amidst a deserved rich and aromatic cup of the finest Blue Mountain coffee, freshly pressed whilst we await the calf’s often victorious struggle to triumph:

“Here in Africa where I reside, having grown up amongst the animals of this vast wilderness, there is No mercy and No malice.”

Do you dream of a more active style of Safari, because you love hiking in the outdoors? Our 12 mile hike traversing the rim of the Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area, as the morning midst rises, over the Empakai crater. The fire smoulders as camp crew  strike camp and set off ahead with donkeys to prepare our mobile fly-camp for tonight.  Eagerly starting our trek with my Maasai Warrior brothers and guides. This mornings objective is passing through rolling hills and remote Maasai villages which can only be reached on foot. Very few tourists pass through this area, as our party of hikers makes the most of this rare opportunity to see a part of Tanzania that few others have in the year 2020, before the global pandemic called Covid-19.

We are ecstatic to offer this life changing African trek again as East Africa has opened her borders to international travelers since mid July 2020.

Our dedicated staff and Destination Experts have had their fair share of operational challenges to deal with. As Covid-19 hit the mainstream media with the closing of borders and countries. My team worked safely and securely navigated the treacherous news feeds, social media confusion and 24/7 major news channel interviews. We were mandated to re-book  and re-route our clients flights, to miss the so-called disease hotspots, which will not be covered by the ‘Act of God’ clause in your travel insurance contract Mr & Mrs Smith. It’s these real scenarios  that we have dealt with this year and in Africa, you need to know how to side -step the political, passport issues to preserve your sanity as Africa Time is a different animal entirely.

With our in-house 24/7 travel desk we issued the flights and remained with our valued friends and clients until the personnel who have long been in our employ safely ushered our clients aboard with our meet and greet concierge facilities. The important service here is avoiding the maddening and frustrating customs and passport control desks amidst the global panic of air travel earlier this year, especially in Africa.

Having a professional Operations Director who heads up the Ops team check in with you personally, whilst you’re traveling to update you on any changes, because its Africa and having solved any minute logistical hurdles on your behalf,  is only a tenth of what we do behind the scenes. We are the perfectionists and we work 24/7/365 to ensure you can enjoy travel,  as it was always meant to be in Africa - Comfortable, stylish and exhilarating.

We invite you with open arms, as you explore, engage and give back whilst supporting our Wildlife Foundation on a personalized itinerary to work alongside our associate scientists, researchers and Vets, working tirelessly in the field to conserve and protect the natural heritage by mitigating human wildlife conflict through the Mingati Wildlife Foundations global efforts on African soil.

At Martin Meyer Safaris our team has over 100 years combined ‘boots on the ground experience’ from arranging outlandish management breakaways.. Where we explore a part of Northern Tanzania where few business travelers have ventured. In the remote Maasai steppe to the east of Tarangire combine a horseback safari with drives in vintage Series 1 Land Rovers, for a Corporate experience that harks back to the early days of safari or on horseback through the African Wilderness.

We also fully understand the thrill and the rush of the discovery of hidden  montane forest and Ragati River and tributaries which are home to some exceptional birdlife, larger mammals including buffalo and elephant, and rare species such as the African clawless otter and the critically endangered mountain bongo. This is not primarily a wildlife destination, but the real draw is the seclusion and opportunity to enjoy forest walks and hikes, and some of East Africa’s finest trout fishing.

Start Planning your next romantic escape, the Karen Blixen way in our true ‘Out of Africa’  luxury travel sojourns. Are you’re in need of a social media detox with close friends. Do you need to do some important soul-searching and feel the need to venture out Solo?

We’ve definitely initiated our virtual travel destination desk to offer you a one hour free safari consultation via Skype, zoom call or whatsapp…. Let's plan and handcraft your travel plan, because you’re an individual.

" Here’s the inside track for 2021, from the desk of Martin Meyer. "

Built around the granite boulders of one of Ruaha’s distinctive kopjes, Jabali Ridge this offers the perfect stylish retreat base for exploring the beautiful, rugged wilderness, of Southern Tanzania. 

Each of the eight suites is built in and around the boulders, overlooking the baobab forest beyond. All suites have louvred shutters that form the walls so you can open or close up the room as much as you wish. 

The main areas include an infinity pool, spa and plenty of decks, seating areas and dining locations, meaning time spent in camp is as enjoyable as the safari activities. Our vetted and highly trained safari guides lead game drives and walking safaris to seek out the unique and varied wildlife of Ruaha, and the camp is located in a key wildlife zone of the national park. 

This is our passion, our lifeblood and our bond to unlock the secrets and hidden dusty roads of our beloved continent we call home. I hope to meet you soon as we plan and discover your inner explorer. 


Karibu Tena (You are welcome to join us)

Martin Meyer 

Director Martin Meyer Safaris