Deserts and Dunes

Desert Adapted Wildlife and breathtaking scenery

Namibia remains sparsely populated, meaning there is plenty of room for you to explore! A place of stunning vistas, desert, elephants, fascinating cultures and friendly people.

The land can seem harsh and dry, but behind this façade lies a multitude of geological wonders and fascinating wildlife. In fact, it is the very nature of this ecology that has protected the treasures of this country; Namibia has what almost seems like limitless space.

Geographical attractions such as the Organ Pipes, created over 125 million years ago when Africa separated from South America, and the Erongo Mountains, a relic of a long spent volcano, are just two features which make Namibia’s landscape so evocative. The Namib desert is a place of mystery and will remain long in your heart after you have left the country.

The natural world is also complimented by a rich human history. It is a country with a significant historical record for human settlement. The Bushmen, Damara & Namaqua all call Namibia home, and have left their mark on the landscape around them in the form of rock art.

Many places in Namibia seem untouched by tourism or the modern world. Despite being a largely arid country Namibia is home to most of Africa’s big game species. Etosha National Park is renowned for its excellent game viewing and accommodates rare species such as the black rhino. Other areas are less dense with big game but the unique habitats of the Namib Desert, the Skeleton Coast foster a diverse indigenous fauna and flora as well as well known species that have adapted to the harsh conditions.




  • Namib Desert and the Namib-Naukluft Park

  • Photograph and walk through highest dunes in the world – Sossusvlei

  • The Skeleton Coast is a haven for historical tours and wildlife excursions

  • Damaraland and tracking the desert elephants, lions and rhinos

  • Visit a Himba, Damara, Ova-Vemba and Bushmen tribes in their natural village environs

  • Conservation centric experiences through Martin Meyer Safaris

Featured safaris

6 Night Namibia Experience

Namibia is awe-inspiringly impressive from all angles, but if we had to choose one way to marvel at the magnificent landscapes, it would be from a small plane, high up in the skies. And that’s exactly why we’ve come up with this ultimate Namibia flying safari.

10 Night Dunes & Deserts

Spend 10 nights exploring the best that this remote country has to offer, from the desolation of Dead Vlei to the remote shipwrecks along the Hoanib Valley to the remote Himba Trips in the North at Serra Cafema, experience the vast desert landscapes and desert adapted wildlife



Martin Meyer Safaris has a stringent vetting process when it comes to selecting our partners on the ground. Each property we work with has been visited by one of our team members to ensure that not only are you getting value for money, but that the experiences exceed your expectations.

With over 100 years combined experience within our team, you can be assured that when we recommend a property or an experience that we have made sure that this is the perfect fit for you and your fellow travellers.


Kulala Desert Lodge’s location at the foot of the majestic Sossusvlei dunes allows for stunning views in every direction, while its private entrance to the Namib Naukluft National Park makes it the closest location to Sossusvlei. 


Designed for privacy, luxury and an intimacy with the land, Little Ongava is arguably Namibia’s most luxurious accommodation with pristine views across the Ongava plains. Little Ongava is perched on the crest of a hill commanding magnificent vistas of the plains stretching for miles to the horizon, offering an extraordinary experience as the focal point of an Etosha journey.


The lodge is located in the famous Skeleton Coast Central Concession between the Hoarusib and Hoanib Rivers in the Skeleton Coast Park, only 45 km north of Möwe Bay. The lodge is situated on the southern bank of the Huarusib River Mouth, nestled between the dunes with a view of the Atlantic
Ocean where the cold Benguela current pushes a refreshing breeze over the shipwreck shaped cabins. 


"Martin is a highly guest-oriented expert on the flora,fauna, geology, climate and history of Africa. He is an extraordinary game-tracker with a remarkable knowledge of animal behavior. He can often predict "what will happen next".  He is exceptionally attentive to the health, safety, satisfaction and welfare of his guests.  My wife and I have been on a total of 7 safaris, two with Martin.  No other trip, with very well known, expensive and highly rated international firms, could begin to equal the satisfaction and pleasure of having Martin as guide and leader."